Cotton gym towel

€ 3.49 EUR 3.49


This is the world acclaimed fitness CAPE! It is not just a fitness towel, it comes along with a special energy that maximizes your strength if you wear it as a cape tucked in the back of your neck.

You can use it as a towel over your yoga mat if you want that extra layer of softness, or at the park to sit down and read some mind expanding text.

This gym towel has the right size to cover any bench in a gym so you can bench press, shoulder press, ab crunch, lay on the floor, over this extraodinary item and make sure you keep your back and butt away from other people’s cooties.

Some people have reported strength gains while wearing it as a gym cape.

*While wearing it as a cape do not attempt to fly or do any other super hero activity other than lifting heavy ass weights in a mindful manner.

100x50cm / 39×19 inches

· 100% Recycled cotton
· Made in Spain

Cotton gym towel